Saturday, February 27, 2010

Helping a Friend

Yesterday I had the pleasure of babysitting James (3) and Madelene Kate (3 months) during the day while their mom Debbie worked getting their house ready for the selling market. They were angels....James played joyfully very independently with the various trucks and cars and other boy toys and Madelene was an absolute joy. She took 2 bottles extremely well, slept wonderfully amidst all the noise, and was a very happy baby. Madison and Carson were delighted with having a baby in the house and Jason, well he was a bit more jealous. Madison and Carson were so sweet with her as they sang to her and gave her gentle kisses. Here are some pictures and videos of our time.

Madison LOVED feeding her!
Can you tell?
While I made lunch the kids enjoyed a little break in all the action and watched a show....can you tell that they were focused? L to R...Madison (4), James (3), Jason (2), and Carson (3). Notice how Jason is playing with James' hair....he always has to have his hands in someone's hair, it's his security blanket...and James thoroughly enjoyed it!
Here are a few videos...first of Carson singing to Madelene Kate as she lay in the pack and play and then of Madison singing to her while everyone else was sleeping.

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